If you come from ISAAC KAPPY IV, you probably wonder why it took so long. One year later, here I write the first paragraph of a deep dive that took an emotional effort to finish. Not because I didn’t know how to, but because I wasn’t looking forward to it. The information I have to give you doesn’t bring me any pleasure, as there’s no reward in realizing some of your friends are scammers or worst. But my alliance is with the truth, not people. I’m here to find answers, not to make friends.

After my public admission that Thomas Schoenberger and Steven Outtrim are indeed frauds (or controlled opposition), I added them to the Mossad Media Matrix diagram. Yes, I’m saying all the individuals listed in that image are disinformation agents or worse. Some have evident links to the Cabal, the mafia, and intelligence services. I’m not even sure Thomas or Steven have more sinister goals in mind than popularity or ego-stroking. Perhaps just losers desperate for attention, and I give them more credit than I should. This was no shock though, that came later.

This last part is mostly about conclusions and putting my work on the Isaac Kappy case to rest. I have no desire to interact with any of these unsavory characters ever again. Save a few updates, there’s not much left to expose in this case. I don’t think much will ever come out unless one of the participants speaks out. I believe the LARPs, in this case, have successfully misguided most of the public’s opinion into diving into some futile rabbit holes. Here I’m going to dissect five main conclusions from my research.Michael Levine and Thomas are close, Levine and Seth Green are close. 2+2=4.

Isaac Kappy died

I’m sorry, but he did. He is not underground with Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Princess Diana, JFK Jr in witness protection, about to bring down the Cabal. I know you feel better in your hearts if you think these people we loved and connected with are alive, but this is hopium. Like opium, it propels false happiness, and once the bubble bursts, you’ll feel worst than before. Qanon is not coming to save you, and the situation is as bad as it was pre-2017. Why lie to ourselves?

We got duped for a while there, so what? It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. Admit the chivalry is not coming, and let’s move on fighting back! If not for your pride, do it for your children! I have friends I care about who still insist on pushing the Qanon narrative. There is no way I can support that psyop anymore, and I always considered the possibility it was bullshit all along. I know some say the corpse in the crime scene photos doesn’t look like Isaac’s. I think it’s him, and he’s just mangled.

Yes, it was heartbreaking to see Joe Biden sworn in. The very same man I decided to expose on my Louder Than Love preview back in late 2018 – when Isaac (and others) were still alive. We have lost so many since then, and the more we avoid accepting the truth, the more we will delay real change. Listen, I grieved, and I moved on. Life has thrown me so many curve balls I’m an expert at moving on quickly. If you need more time, go ahead, but please wake the fuck up. This is not about Trump, Kappy, or else – it’s about the future of humanity and our children.

Beware of the spooks

By now, you should be very aware of the infiltration present in the so-called truther movement. Isaac Kappy was surrounded by them spooks, and the lackeys they hire as mercenaries. People like Defango or Elaihi Priest would sell their own mothers for pennies. People like Posobiec or Cernovich earn your trust with their fake conservative values. And the likes of Gabe Hoffman and Sacha Stone earn your respect as producers of content that exposes some small-timers while ignoring the big ups who finance their operations. These are not the accusations of an envious ex-collaborator or frustrated researcher.

I’m far from frustrated, and I don’t have time for personal vendettas. I work 55+ hours a week because I’m starting my own family, and sadly that’s why my work here has been slow. My Total Disclosure motivations don’t lie in making money, being famous, or sleeping with women. I can get all that without Total Disclosure, avoiding myself the hypocrisy and heavy conscience that goes along with being a fraud, a poser, and a scammer. Sleeping with women as a goal stopped being such as soon as I turned 22 or so, I’m not a manchild. If my words seem harsh, it’s because I cannot afford to sugarcoat things.

The cost of going easy on people oftentimes means others will get robbed too. I got scammed of three months of my life by Sacha Stone and company and out of my hard-earned work by Gabe Hoffman and company. Despite the damage they caused, I barely mind them, I can happily say I’m focused on creating, but we are talking about pedophilia, murder, scams, harassment, kidnapping, and even Satanic ritual abuse. I cannot label the deeds of these men as a simple grift.

Avoid the scammers

I know, is not as easy as it sounds, but they are not difficult to spot. If you observe and double-check, and you are not biased, you have a chance. Somehow some people have attained an “untouchable” status in the truther movement, and that’s because they have tricked some of you into admiring them. Some even idolize them, as they see them as gurus and life guides of some sort. Why do we insist on having someone else saving us? Why can’t we fuckin’ do it ourselves? This sadly brings me to a reality that shocked me.

When Robert “the deplorable,” said he was in fear for his life, perhaps he wasn’t lying. But when he said that masked individuals attacked him and hung him from an electrical chord, he indeed was lying. Not only he managed to scam $10,000 out of a very dear friend of ours, but he also had us worried to death when he “was in a coma.” His own girlfriend admitted it to me, “Robert had to do what he had to do, and you shouldn’t be so judgemental.” Truly sociopathic, to the point I was happy I was banned from Twitter to forget these people entirely.

Not very Christian of Robert to scam large sums of money from old Christian ladies. He used Isaac Kappy to interject himself in the scene, used innocents to make a buck, and used me to validate his claims. Literally, the next morning after I showed him the threat I got – he got attacked. He saw an opening and took it, just another grifter. I don’t rule out the possibility he and Vegan Mikey were together on it. Robert started touting Craig Sawyer out of all people, a man who mocked Isaac Kappy plenty.

Don’t commit the same mistakes I did

Robert’s betrayal stung, but I’ve been through way worse. It’s just appalling to the lengths to which people will go to make a buck or get some attention. Narcissism is king in the land of the free, so I wonder, how can you trust anybody at this point? Don’t trust anybody, work alone, and keep your inner circle small. Don’t tell others about your projects until you get them done, and observe those who want to be your friends closely. That’s my advice. If toxic people want to engage with you, run the other way as fast as you can.

I would’ve been better off not getting involved at all, especially with Gabe and Thomas, but what’s done is done. If your position weakens, the vultures will have a feast. Strong men keep to themselves for the most part, and that is low risk. Don’t get crafty, and don’t post when you are over-emotional. They will try and push your buttons, so you explode and give them more ammo. Don’t fall for provocations, and the more relaxed you remain, the more they will doubt their own capabilities.

I regret nothing, as I also met lots of amazing people I dearly miss as we don’t speak as often. Sometimes you give people and privacy for granted until it’s too late. But I don’t miss all of it, as social media is a life disruptor for the most part. My privacy was violated by many, but by myself mostly. Now, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved here so far, and I’m not done. Thanks to the banned Louder Than Love Facebook page, is how I met who today has now become my rock, my moon, and my sky – My fiancée. I’m forever thankful for that.

A few last observations

This article may not be what you were expecting, and if so, I’m sorry. I can’t seem to write about these things more professionally, and maybe I’m too invested in it still. I don’t necessarily think the murders of Isaac Kappy and Tracy Twyman are connected directly, and I want to point out that the association came from Outtrim mainly. Outtrim was an up-and-coming Silicon Valley brainiac who sold some of his creations. One of his clients was indeed the CIA – Say what you will, but that’s a fact. Does that make him a spook? No, but is a connection.

Michael Dade is another viper that worries me, as he certainly comes to mind after all this time. Sloan Bella’s son was murdered a few weeks after working with Dade, just saying. Another friend of mine whose identity I wish to preserve was hurt after an attack. Who was the only person to know she was there? Yes, Michael Dade. I think anyone dealing with him should be careful. Sloan’s bravery gets her enemies by the day as she exposes several people on her platforms, so many are suspect.

Last but not least, seeing Isaac’s parents duped by that shitshow with Phoenix Enigma and Eliahi Priest was mindboggling. I feel for the old couple, but they couldn’t trust a worse pair of weasels. Again, I don’t rule out the possibility these two were working with the man claiming he had evidence on Kappy while attacking his parents. This case is a complete shitshow. Watching Shaun Atwood invite Phoenix Enigma and his handler woman to put on a disinformation show is just a travesty. Due to everything listed here, I’m done with this case.

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