If you want to wake up to the horrors of what I mean to expose, please check out “Fall of the Cabal”. No matter how hard it is, watch until the end so you really get the whole picture. I compiled all ten parts in one video for your viewing pleasure without interruptions. My film will focus more on Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, and others, but it’s based on a similar storyline and philosophy.

“It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept NOTHING as the truth Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you. That is the only way to truly wake up and become independent thinkers.” That’s what I strive for here and on all my platforms, I WANT YOU to become self-sufficient in digging up information and with our help you can have a lead on what sources are reliable and what sources have nefarious motives all while gaining your trust with a little bait and switch.


Do your own research & fight censorship

NEVER take my research for granted, do your own legwork. Some people ask me, hey you mentioned “XYZ” is a pedophile can you please show evidence? Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, and often times the evidence is circumstantial. If you do not wake to the symbolism and other clues necessary to understand the evil lying within, you won’t be able to see what we see. This is certainly one of the BEST films on the subject and I’m proud to be one of those “anons” who helped to compile all the information in this documentary,

Credits to Janet Ossebaard for her wonderful editing work and the hundreds of anons who also assisted in compiling all the evidence, some images I never saw before. **I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO** – It’s mirrored for informational purposes, all the content belongs to the respective owners. NOTE: YouTube has been banning Part 5 because it exposes their protected politicians as pedophiles, if the YouTube link gets taken down, please use BitChute.

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