The Total Disclosure Podcast is back this time on SubscribeStar! A podcast that was gaining a lot of steam and subscribers just before Patreon shut us down (unfairly). This time I come back smarter, better, sharper. No unnecessary risks and always procuring to find the “right way” to say things to as avoid more inconveniences. We reopen with five episodes, and I will be publishing three new ones per week. Since a lot of new intel came up some will be re-recorded as I’m not 100% happy with the quality.

By subscribing, not only you make sure I can keep posting tons of good info and research but also, you directly finance my documentaries and travel expenses for interviews and such. There are different tiers with different benefits, but the minimum subscription is $5 like it was on Patreon. As those of you who have been with me for a while know, everything I publish is free. The podcast is the only content that is subscription-based. Whatever info is there, you can find it as a free article as well. The Total Disclosure Podcast allows you to listen while driving, cooking, working, etc.

I’m a firm believer all info must be freely available – You can consider the podcast a commodity, a convenient format for those without time to read. The following episodes are uploaded:


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The Total Disclosure Network is a 100% independent media outlet. I focus on exposing child sex trafficking, pedophilia, high profile murders, and general elite occult secret societies. Any person who uses mind control, child rape, blackmail, and other crimes to enforce their power from the shadows is a target. DARK TO LIGHT. WE ARE THE NEWS. WE ARE THE STORM – WE ARE WHERE TRUTH PREVAILS.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate harassment or violence against individuals exposed in our media outlets. On the contrary, I aim to inform people, so they avoid being victims of scams, harassment, manipulation, disinformation, or worse. We also hope law enforcement will find our research and act accordingly with the evidence provided. I’m not judge, jury, executioner – Don’t want to be, but I’m forced to explore every detail.

LOUDER THAN LOVE: A documentary film exposing the murders of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and its links to their child sex trafficking investigation. The purpose of this project is to ally with witnesses, loved ones, victims and supporters to shine a light on these hideous crimes. The film will portray forensic analysis with lots of circumstantial and testimonial evidence. The aim? To convince foul play was present in these deaths. Set to be released during the 2nd semester of 2020.

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