This is an open letter to witnesses. I’m Alessandro, writer, musician, journalist, filmmaker, and producer: I’d like to ask you for some assistance with my main project. The film, titled “Louder Than Love”, investigates the deaths of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, and many others. Reaching people has not been easy, naturally many are fearful of replying. I don’t demand people to go on record, I can work with anonymous testimonies. I can use video statements, audio recordings or written testimonies. It’s your choice. Without testimonies, it all becomes a bit of a challenge; but I’ll take it.

The least of my intentions is to cause you pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, I know mentioning a loved one gone too soon hurts forever. I’m sure the wounds of losing Chris as we did are still fresh; music has ways of connecting people that most art forms lack. If fans have been hurting deeply, I can only imagine what you’ve been going through. While I’ve made great advancements in the case with different productive leads,

I’m always looking for more information that can help verify some of the facts and maybe add a new angle to the story. Chris and Chester were loved by many, intensely and profusely; myself included. I’m not part of Hollywood, I’m not even part of the artsy scene in my home country (I secluded myself from it in 2014). I’m 100% independent and I have no real agenda besides exposing the truth, as painful as it may be.

The film is to honor Chris & help protect children worldwide

Honestly, I wasn’t much of a fan of Linkin Park’s music but I was a fan of Chester and his talent. Soundgarden and Audioslave are the soundtracks of my life, along with many ’90s bands; mainly from the alternative scene in the Pacific Northwest. I know some frown upon investigating suicides due to the controversy but I feel asking as many questions as possible is usually the best path. After two years of research, I can tell you it wasn’t suicide, not one of them. My certainty in Chris’s case is now 100%. I started this path volunteering for the ITNJ, a British organization that supposedly battled human trafficking.

After learning of their crimes and inner corruption, I decided to leave my anonymity and become a whistleblower. I did this because I have a better chance at credibility showing myself and frankly I’m tired of hypocrite organizations. The organization in question is funded by Italian/Romanian mob associate Ciro Orsini, a man who has human trafficking fronts worldwide. You bet I’ve been around and I have no qualms in taking risks to expose these criminals. Those who conspired against Chris are no different in my eyes.

I want to mention something crucial here. Ciro Orsini is the best friend and business partner of Anna Vissi (Greek singer), a friend of Vicky Karayiannis. Anna caught my eye because she’s the godmother of Chris Jr. Owning a pizzeria in Athens 50/50 with a human trafficking mobster can’t be a good thing. The film is aimed to be released this year around summer, for free. No monetization whatsoever, I encourage public showings and massive projection, any place in the world is free to show it as they please.

My promise to you

I wish not to profit from this film, but to wake up as many people as I can. If you are familiar with how the entertainment industry works, you know what I mean. I support my research with my “Total Disclosure” podcast (which dwells on a variety of subjects) and public financing. My goal is not only to expose these crimes but also to denounce human trafficking and pedophilia as huge problems worldwide. Modern slavery is a pandemic, its abolition should be our main priority.

I can answer any questions you’ve regarding the film and myself, I’m an open book. This is a one-man project, and as such, I have COMPLETE creative control. If you want to have a casual talk over the phone or video call let’s do it. We don’t need to record anything, so you can get a feel of what I’m all about. We can also exchange emails. Please keep my encrypted email address:

If you don’t feel like talking right now, but change your mind in the future; I’ll be here. Everyone grieves differently and I can understand speaking out can be intimidating. You can also show this to anybody else who is willing to talk, I would appreciate that! That said, I understand if you decide not to reply. I wish you and your loved ones the best; always. Much love: Alessandro Valerin Castellon.

If you like my work

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