Nick Karayiannis is a mystery for most people. It’s hard for me to post this because the least I involve children, the better. It just happens people need to see these kinds of things. Little Toni, the daughter, was bar-hopping in Mykonos last year, aged 15. There she was, partying with one of the Jenner sisters, surrounded by intoxicated adults. The grandmother, who pimped a teenage Vicky to older men, sounded more like a pimp than a concerned adult. It was disgusting, almost as if she was promoting her granddaughter in a very inappropriate way.

OK, I was 15 too and a wild child – I’m not judging the kids. Kids want to experiment and will test and push the boundaries always. That’s what they do. But what kind of uncle or mom allows their kid to get buzzed at age 13? Especially when we know addiction can be hereditary? Chris lived a clean life for most of his adult life, but alcohol was a problem before he joined Audioslave. What kind of rational adult ignores the dangers and allows this unnecessary PRECOCIOUS stunt? Look at the kid’s face, that’s not two tequilas – He’s smashed.

CHRIS CORNELL JR is 13 and getting smashed with his uncle Nick Karayiannis. Mafia Nick is guilty of a DUI/vehicular manslaughter case and killed a woman driving intoxicated. The poor woman’s family won a judgment for $950,000.00 in a wrongful death lawsuit. That was around the time that the Karayiannis family fled, I mean moved to Paris to start over! That’s the judgment Chris paid for right after he married Vicky. You know, “after getting her pregnant the 1st time they slept together.”

Let’s talk about Paris

Vicky must be a fertility machine. Maybe she is, who knows? Especially considering Chris was forced to procreate via In Vitro fertilization with Susan after trying for years. It’s miraculous. Hey, my man Chris had dozens of skills, slow swimmers happen, shit happens. He was still 10x the man most men are. Let’s talk about Paris! That’s where she met Chris, fresh out of rehab, a guy who was vulnerable and malleable. After you leave rehab, you are supposed to fly solo for a while and avoid crutches – that includes relationships.

Chris ended up moving to France with the Greeks, forcing him to miss out on Lily, his daughter with Susan. They “convinced” him to invest in the “Black Calavados” Nightclub and Bar Restaurant so “Mafia Nick,” or forgive me, “DJ Nick Blast” could make himself a name and some dough. Uncle Nick stole from the business and made Chris do appearances there for publicity. In between touring with the new band and dealing with a new marriage and a newborn baby – It was easy for Chris to miss things then, but he found the truth later.

Nick Karayiannis, at times, participates in the social media drama Vicky is addicted to. His lovely mother doxed me back in February 2019, publishing my real name for their paid stalkers to “hunt.” At the time, I intended to be 100% anonymous – That changed a few months later when I came out as a whistleblower against the ITNJ. I wish this family would save me the dilemma of making posts like this. But the least we can do is to help Chris by keeping an eye on those kids. This, my dear friends, is another red flag. VICKY KARAYIANNIS IS NOT FIT TO RAISE CHILDREN.

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