As I decide to announce the delay with the film’s premiere, I also feel it’s proper to show you the new teaser! Also, I have valid reasons for the delay. If you follow my struggle, you should know my work and finances have been tampered with, several times. It’s just me doing this film, and nobody is helping me. Im in charge of doing all of it:

  • Script (90% done)
  • Research (Ongoing, three years so far)
  • Narration (100% pending)
  • Subtitles (100% pending)
  • Music (75% done)
  • Marketing (Ongoing, 18 months so far)
  • Editing (30% done)
  • Learn Adobe Premiere 2020 (Done)
  • Contact witnesses (Ongoing, low success)

As you can see, it’s still an ongoing process, but I feel it’s only fair to explain. It’s my first documentary, so there’s obviously lots of pressure due to high expectations. But hey! Those high expectations are thanks to my good marketing and work released via articles, videos, and podcasts. I’ve been freelancing again ever since Patreon banned my podcast, that took at least six months out of my schedule. Not only to be able to sustain my livelihood but also to purchase the gear Im using to edit the film. While I do want this to come out as soon as possible, I need to make sure I can stay afloat. 

So what have I been up to this year besides the mentioned above? Growing and building this website, creating videos, and great articles to stay relevant. But it’s not only for relevancy as this is a war on all sides for me. Humanity and children are in danger, you know I have not taken one week off in ages. This labor requires constant study and persistent struggle vs. censorship, LARPs, trolls, and your own mind. ALSO, yes, lots of new intel every month, so I have to keep adding little things to the script. Hope that’s clear, thank you for your patience and support. Hope you enjoy the new teaser, CHEERS!

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