Alessandro Valerin, director and owner: Louder Than Love & Total Disclosure

If you want to know more about the film (Louder Than Love: The Murders of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington) and the man behind it, I have some videos for you.

I started as an anon publishing on 4chan, Reddit, VOAT, CDaN and other forums back in the day (2017). I came out with my identity in August 2019 as a whistleblower against the Committee to Support the ITNJ (gatekeeping pro-Crown, pro-MI6, pro-Vatican front used to entrap and scam SRA survivors, witnesses, and truthers). I also have some testimonies of Sacha Stone being a serial scammer (over $400k in stolen funds), a pedophile and a human trafficker. I volunteered for them for 3 months before realizing they are rotten and quit.

This is my first interview, done with Sarah Westall (Part I):

This is my first interview, done with Sarah Westall (Part II):

This favorite interview, done with Tye from Out of the Gate:

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