Chester Bennington was murdered on July 20, 2017, in his residence in Palos Verdes, California. He is known as the singer of the bands Linkin Park, Grey Daze, Dead By Sunrise, and Stone Temple Pilots. Chester worked with several charities helping children, including in Haiti, during the Clinton Foundation debacle. Bill Clinton granted his bandmate, Mike Shinoda, with a $1million grant to open the SRS recycling plant. Many wonder why Clinton chose Mike, with the possibility of it being an advance.

One of the theories out there is because of Chester’s lineage, and his untimely fate. Rumors point John Podesta (involved in Pizzagate) as Chester’s illegitimate father. Even if the resemblance is uncanny, sister Tobi Knehr denies the rumors. Sadly, the only way to corroborate this without witnesses is via a DNA paternity test, and that’s not going to happen. Chester was raped by a “family friend” when he was a young kid, and some point to Podesta as a potential abuser. Curiously, Chester’s mother did work with Podesta for a DNC campaign back in the day.

He worked with Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain, Brad Pitt, and Rick Rubin on his charity “Luminary Lane”. A name reminiscent of Layne Staley, deceased frontman for Alice in Chains. Chester found in Chris an unconditional friend and source of love and support at a time he needed it badly. Chris found a black book containing a list of addresses where children were delivered for sex trafficking or worst. The black book included several of their acquaintances – Actors, and musicians they knew or worked with at some point. Chester had the last copy of the black book after Chris died.

Suspects and accomplices

Unfortunately, these revelations would be the least shocking for Chester Bennington. He discovered his wife Talinda was cheating on him with bandmate Mike Shinoda. Not that unpredictable, Talinda was a playboy and escort prostitute when she met Chester, during a party organized by Dr. Nick. She targeted him from the getgo and managed to sleep with the singer inside a closet, resulting in a pregnancy. Chester was finalizing his divorce with Samantha, fresh out of rehab, not in a good mental state.

Talinda’s knowledge before the fact is uncertain, what’s certain is that her reward was getting her a gig with the World Health Organization as a spokeswoman for depression. She had a meltdown after the murder, claiming via Tweets that Chester was killed and hung after the fact. The outburst later was blamed on some random hacker playing cruel jokes. Both Samantha and Tobi state that the divorce was imminent due to the Shinoda incident. They also believe Chester was nervous before his death, he was in danger, and he knew it.

The main suspect of the murder is veteran celeb bodyguard, Ed Majcina, with a history of working for Lady Gaga, Steven Forbes, and Robert DeNiro. If you listen to the 911 call carefully, you’ll notice the driver is Shinoda himself. He was the lookout while Majcina and Bono came inside to commit the crime. Two European beers were found at the crime scene, Bono’s favorite brew. Directly involved in the murder planning: David Geffen, Ron Burkle, and John Podesta. Kevin Spacey and Jay-Z are also involved in some capacity.

Silenced souls

Chester was quitting Linkin Park, and rejoining Grey Daze, his first band. Also, he was leaving Talinda and planned to expose Mike as the traitor that he is. His depression was used as a scapegoat as he was public about it. They claimed to lose his best friend was a blow too hard to handle, but on the contrary, Chester wanted to take care of Chris’s kids and find his killers. He had goals and objectives of redeeming his best friend and brother.

Chester Bennington was looking into the death of Chris and had copies of the black book Chris was working on exposing. Kato Khandwala, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Ines Zorreguieta, and Avicii suffered a similar fate. Chester Bennington died by strangulation: His murder was way cleaner, lessons learned after Chris. He was rendered unconscious with an electric rod and then hung out to die. Enemies disguised as friends, killers disguised as bodyguards. 

Chester’s murder on what would’ve been Chris’s 53rd birthday was a warning and ritualistic. The singer was clean, and he didn’t even finish his beer, he meant to wake up early for a shoot. Wasn’t Bono’s first rodeo, as he was also directly involved in what happened to Michael Hutchence. Again, the kiss of death coming from a friend. Bono also works for David Geffen via Interscope and George Soros via the One Foundation.

During Louder than Love, I will destroy the timeline proving the perps are lying. I will expose testimonies by friends, musicians, family, intelligence, police, and others. The forensic analysis will be the last nail in the coffin for the killers.

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