Las Vegas: Mob Beats Teen To Death

Sadly, racial divide and hatred continue to rage in America as a teenage boy has died days after he was beaten by a gang of cowards near a Las Vegas high school. The attack happened on November 1st, but you have probably never heard about it until very recently, thanks in large part to a general mainstream media blackout. Why would they cover up such a hideous crime, you ask? It doesn’t fit the narrative where black folks are the ”eternal oppressed victims of the horrible and patriarchal white society” that led the West to become the greatest civilization for centuries. Tragically, that dominance has been decaying in large part due to self-sabotage and other agendas, which I will save for a different conversation.

The sinister occurred near Rancho High School when 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis was pummeled by close to fifteen other youths, most of them African American. He was targeted after standing up for a younger kid who was robbed by the mob minutes prior. Police officers found him at about 2.05 pm that day, bleeding from the head. The teenager was put on life support at the University Medical Center, where he died a week later after doctors made several attempts to save his life. The full footage of the attack is available and extremely harsh. The mob not only beats the deceased child for trying to save his friend, but they also beat another kid who tried to distract the perpetrators from the victim, a brave Hispanic kid.

The video shows a group of about a dozen youths kicking the 17-year-old as he lies curled on the pavement. At least two other teens stand nearby, filming the attack on their cellphones. If the roles were reversed we would see George Floyd tier riots and national demands for extreme justice. This senseless violence targets people who do nothing except selflessly intervene on behalf of others. For any decent person, it’s hard to imagine anyone defending this crime or asking for context: I witnessed that already on my Instagram page. Why would any context matter? No matter how we spin it, ganging up on someone two-on-one is already cowardly, and more people than that? Absolutely criminal. 

Skin color doesn’t matter for those of us who stand for truth and justice: If it was a bunch of white kids beating a black kid, that shouldn’t change the judicial outcome. I just can’t imagine myself doing this to anybody, and I would have never allowed anything similar unless against a rapist or a pedophile. However, pattern recognition is a thing, and one must know these racial attacks are on the rise all over the West, both in Europe and America. Things have clearly changed. Bloodthirst is rampant within some demographics, and we can blame the destruction of the family unit, gangster culture, and more, but let’s not forget the social engineering aimed to entitle violence against the native white population. 

Note for pseudo-journalists: 15 vs 1 isn’t a fight; it’s attempted murder.

Movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa were seeded to promote this. This is 100% a racially motivated hate crime. Whether they meant to kill or not, these animals couldn’t wait to stomp a white boy to death. Most people are not willing to accept blacks are causing the VAST majority of the violence in Europe and America, and the stats are not even close. The conversation can move forward when people accept the facts instead of cherry-picking here and there. Until then, it’s all the same: Black kids will continue entitled to violence and no responsibility, just as their adults look the other way. The day a true leader of the black community accepts and tackles the issue, without any Democrat-sponsored victimhood in between, is the day things will start to change. Eight arrests have been made so far.

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