The UN NWO plan is a reality as they brag about it. The scary part is not the government subservient to the New World Order, an agenda planned centuries ago by Freemasons. The scary part is how effective their strategies to distract, divide, and conquer have been. Fear is the greatest enslavement tool this world has seen, the fear of dying particularly. The terrifying part is how easy fellowmen are willing to snitch and sell out others. Those who are not docile enough to buy the mainstream bullshit are portrayed as enemies of society. The United Nations are done with mystery, they are here to be blunt.

I wish my total lack of fear in that regard could contagion others but it comes naturally after deciding to flip a coin constantly while growing up. For me, walking on the edge of the razor always has been the norm. I created an inner monster that’s now useful to me under the current predicaments. I stopped watching mainstream news in 2007, also known as programming but calling it mind control would be more accurate.

The only reason I watch any mainstream report is to mock it or use it as material to expose their bullshit corruption. It seems a large percentage of the population is still reluctant to consider conspiracy theories, more like conspiracy facts. Not even when the United Nations change their acronym to UNNWO for “The United Nations New World Order Project”. I still get mockery when I mention Agenda 2030. Today I wake up to see it’s openly being pushed and most people are unwilling to see George Orwell’s 1984 is not science fiction, but a prediction. Orwell was part of elite circles, after all.

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