Michael Flynn and friends throw the “Q sent me” as I struggle to keep the faith as violence keeps dominating our landscape. My hopes and spirits dwindle like the mood in a Nirvana song: upbeat fast choruses, downtempo slow verses, and so on. You know where I stand: “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” And so I prepare for Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 like its happening tomorrow cause frankly, what’s the worst it can happen? So I stock up on weapons, ammo and prepare for all kinds of emergencies. I get in shape and, I get more alert: I finally take that bow hunting trip I keep postponing.

If Q is a psyop, I can see how Trump could be fucking with us. But, it’s so hard for me to understand how Flynn could be on it too. My reasoning is: It’s all about pushing for Trump over Biden and prepare for Trump to turn on us after the elections (as Biden would 100% anyway). This is the best way to look at this situation, in my opinion: You fight for the last push just in case there’s a chance Q is the real deal. Since you are preparing for Biden to fuck us if he wins anyway, after election day, we are prepared for war. I don’t want you to be caught with your pants down, ever. I want all of us to survive this.

Q sent me. Or did he? ANY MOVEMENT that’s for freedom and the protection of children and the innocent is aces in my book. I had lost hope in every organization until I discovered Operation Underground Railroad, but even they are judged by some. I have to be at peace with my opinion and my intentions here. I’ve supported Trump, I’ve supported freedom over anything. At the time, and at this time, Trump is certainly the choice. But please, believe me, I’m not a man of blind faith. I’m here to fight when the time comes, and I want you to be ready to fight with me.

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