Silenced until 3/22/2020

You won’t be receiving my updates on your timeline thanks to Facebook’s draconian laws against freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I appealed but it will be denied. It would be easier to appeal if Facebook even cared enough to tell me what rule I broke or what post was the offending party. Remain updated here, YouTube, and check the Facebook page manually.

Also if you want to have a more direct source, join the private group, where I’ll also share articlesl; when and if FB bans me, I will remain posting via my personal account. This is the information war I have been fighting for years!


If you want to help us, keep sharing our posts as much as you can, soon I won’t post extended posts here and just link to articles on my website, only solution Contact FB and let them know you disagree with this decision and others they have taken before against me and many others… is time they make changes or shut down. They already shut down my Total Disclosure page with 10k followers.

As a public commodity and MONOPOLY, I denounce Facebook as a terrorist organization whose purpose is to manipulate the truth and the collective soul. Nazis would have been proud of their model, and the company is in clear violation and defiance against the declaration of human rights and the constitution of the United States.

This is how you can help the website & the film…

My finances are dry AF since he COVID19 panic came into the fold, you know I hate mentioning it, but if you want to collaborate with this channel and project, so we can actually meet a deadline and not focus on other work, please consider chipping to the Total Disclosure Network (TDN).

To further support my work please visit:
(Podcast & extra goodies available on the website SOON)
Patreon & Twitter: BANNED
Facebook Group:
Email 1: [email protected]
Email 2: [email protected]
Bitcoin: 1BPxS6zfbG94HwmdNgS2m8rhrPrcdoosEY
Ethereum: 0x0e3776782E92B4924a799c3766A77ADC355e16C2
Litecoin: LfbTARZEJ6ELvucf2yhhu6Jjj7YXfzyQWw
DM me for US bank account number.

By the way, I reuploaded “Fall of the Cabal” minus chapter 5 (if you want to watch the uncensored version, watch the video on BitChute, YouTube is part of the cabal)

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