A video message explaining the situation

As a group of “playboy models” carried a concerted attack on my platforms to defend Hugh Hefner, a pedophile cover-upper and blackmailer GUILTY of showcasing a naked 10-year old Brooke Shields in his magazine. The underground tunnels below the mansion connected to several elites, used to commit crimes including child sex trafficking.

As a result PayPal deplatformed me because “I’m too risky” and Facebook banned me for 30 days, but when I report the stalkers Facebook says my report can’t be prioritized due to being short-staffed over Covid-19. PayPal’s majority shareholder is George Soros, the creator of this virus scam along with BIll Gates, so, imagine that. That’s the guy ponzi scheming our funds.

A woman named “Jewels McCullough” is claiming all sort of lies against me. She doesn’t have proof otherwise she would post it, the messages she’s is claiming I sent where a one liner saying they were banned over trolling my page, I may have used one expletive because I was being insulted by them in even worst ways and I admit that. Long emails? Predatory sexual things? Its all BS and a concerted effort to hide the truth.

Is fine if you hate me, you can leave a bad review and 2 bad comments on my site. That’s normal. Leaving 40 messages all copy-pasted harassing those who review my site positively will be exposed. I won’t allow you to harass and stalk me or my supporters.

My own flesh and blood

Its sad because I wanted to install a membership podcast (for $5/month) which is easy for everyone, 100 subscribers I would get in no time and my own flesh and blood who is the webmaster, doesn’t care what I do or what I’m going through and has prioritized his partying and selfish ventures over the financial security of his own blood (I support my mother, he doesn’t).

I would not need donations if he moved his ass. The bad guys are winning, and the good people who are supposed to help WILL NOT over shallow nonsense.

LOUDER THAN LOVE: A documentary film exposing the murder of Chris Cornell and its links to his child sex trafficking investigation and the greed of some of his loved ones. The purpose of this project is to form an alliance with witnesses, loved ones, victims and supporters to shine a light on these hideous crimes. The film will portray forensic analysis with lots of circumstantial and testimonial evidence to convince people there was foul play in Chris Cornell’s and Chester Bennington’s deaths.

The film will be released in 2020 on social media for free, you can watch an extended preview here:


How can you help?

The Total Disclosure Network is an independent media outlet focused on exposing child sex trafficking, high profile murders by the cabal (including false flag operations) and general elite occult secret societies who use mind control, child rape, blackmail and other crimes to enforce their power from the shadows. DARK TO LIGHT. WE ARE THE NEWS. WE ARE THE STORM.

TOTAL DISCLOSURE DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate for harassment or violence against the individuals exposed in our media outlets, on the contrary, our aim is to inform people so they themselves avoid being victims of lies, scams, harassment, violence, manipulation, false information, emotional abuse or much worse. We also hope people in law enforcement will find our research and act accordingly with the evidence/witnesses provided.

If you like our work and want to help this channel and our projects, please consider donating to the Total Disclosure Network (TDN). We opened fundraiser to be able to complete the film in time, please check the links below! Our aim is to become a self-sufficient mainstream media network with integrity:
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More stalkers, exposed!

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