I’m back after a week off and I gotta tell you, in 3 years I’ve never seen a week like this. BEST WEEK EVER! A week full of hope, and while some still sleep distracted by Covid-19 and the riots, we grow in numbers. So, if you were distracted by the fake pandemic or too busy watching riot porn here’s a briefing you will appreciate:

1) THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE DEMANDS THE UK HANDS OVER PRINCE ANDREW. The intent is to question him over his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts. Finally, the prince who claimed he could have never been with Virginia because “I don’t sweat” is facing the music. In a dramatic twist last night, it emerged that the US Department of Justice has filed a ‘mutual legal assistance’ (MLA) request for help to the UK Home Office. These requests are used only in criminal cases under a legal treaty with the UK.”

2) HILLARY CLINTON LOSES HER APPEAL AND IS OBLIGED TO TESTIFY. All related to various crimes evidenced in her emails such as treason, corruption, embezzlement, sale of Uranium, crimes against humanity, sex crimes against children, human trafficking, and pedophilia. A lot of these offenses were committed using the Clinton Foundation as a platform. The trial begins on September 9th, 2020. “It is time to hear directly from Secretary Clinton,” Judge Royce Lambert said in his order issued in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Oh wait, but there’s more

3) 35+ AGENTS WORKING FOR BARACK OBAMA HAVE BEEN SUBPOENAED. They are now required to testify on various crimes including treason, falsification of official documents, conspiracy to illegally spy on American citizens (including Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and Carter. Page). Ted Cruz made sure to grill Rod Rosenstein and I enjoyed every second of it! This is all connected to the case against Michael Flynn, who was absolved 3 weeks ago.

“The Judiciary panel is also considering subpoenas for current FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Justice Department officials, including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.” CONSPIRACY THEORIES? NAH, CONSPIRACY FACTS.

4) INDICTMENTS OVER MICHAEL FLYNN’S CASE JUST A MATTER OF TIME: These indictments were leaked before they got unsealed as General Flynn was cleared. I suggest you have some patience so you can see this unravel, Durham is a very thorough man. I feel it’s worth the risk to publish this data regardless of its official or not.

JOHN BRENNAN: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 2 counts – lying to investigators. 3 counts – lying to congress. 3 counts – obstruction of justice. 1 count – CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON (punished with death penalty).
ANDREW McCABE: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 2 counts – perjury. 3 counts – lying to congress. 1 count – falsifying government documents.
JAMES COMEY: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 6 counts – perjury. 4 counts – obstruction of justice. 4 counts – falsifying government documents.

Lots of familiar faces getting a dose of justice…

PETER STRZOK: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 4 counts – perjury. 3 counts – falsifying government documents.
JAMES CLAPPER: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 2 counts – lying to congress.
LORETTA LYNCH: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 2 counts – obstruction of justice. 3 counts – lying to congress.
SALLY YATES: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 3 counts – obstruction of justice.
SUSAN RICE: 3 counts of perjury. 1 count – obstruction of justice. 1 count – illegal use of government systems.
BRUCE OHR: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 1 count – falsifying government documents.
LISA PAGE: 3 counts – conspiracy to overthrow the government. 1 count – obstruction of justice, 4 counts – perjury.
ROD ROSENSTEIN: Various charges, unknown at this time. Several CIA agents unnamed – Various offenses.

Donald Trump is a machine

While the protestors were looting and burning down the cities Trump achieved the following this week:

1) Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. The military will check the purity and distribute them.
2) Defunded the World Health Organization and wants an investigation into its operations
3) Blocked the Democrats HR6666 bill, known as the Covid19TRACE Act. The bill was the basis for Bill Gates’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also canceled.
4) Blocked Bill Gates project known as ID2020.
5) Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It was overrun with complaints.
6) Trump and the DOJ gave guidelines to reopen states: The governors who refuse to reopen can be sued.
7) Executive Order for the White House to take over all Electrical Grids: This includes Internet servers, broadcasting systems, and all electronic systems.

8) Declared places of worship ‘Essential Services’ as some mayors are fining people for going to church.
9) Applauded Australia and other 116 countries for insisting on a China Probe into the spread of Covid-19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports.
10) Slashed the cost of insulin down to $35.
11) Classified Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Group.
12) Supported human kind’s return to space via SpaceX Dragon rocket.
13) Successfully negotiated the release of a US prisoner from Iran.
14) In May 2.5 million new jobs were added. Unemployment dropped from 14.7% to 13.8%.

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