I’m now banned from YouTube as their Christmas gift to me is the total removal of my channel. Why? Because of a Joe Biden video that I uploaded last JULY showcasing his disgusting groping of children. No warnings, no strikes, just gone. From now on, my content will ONLY be available on BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee. I may consider adding videos to my website later on and use other platforms that support freedom of speech at the very minimum. My war with YouTube, Facebook, Patreon is now total. 

Ideally, I won’t use their platforms in any way. Not even to watch other people’s content unless, of course, it’s a collaboration or the only option. Please note some platforms (like Twitter and Facebook) label Bitchute links as malicious to demotivate you from visiting them. BitChute is 100% safe, and these shenanigans by big tech mean to deceive and further isolate. The video that got them riled up is 100% accurate, is not a deep fake, and is not slander. Joe Biden was exposed while groping children on NATIONAL TELEVISION. 

If they deem the content indecent, I can understand that. Remove the video by all means but, why remove the whole channel? And to do this on Christmas? Sick. Who goes around shutting people down on Christmas morning? I don’t want to judge situations in a neurotic way, but it almost seems like one of their rituals. The ban wasn’t unexpected, and as a result, I mirrored all videos on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee for months now. We need Section 230 to be gone or modified, so these companies get forced to comply with freedom of speech. Here’s the offending VIDEO.

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