Blind Item: Every Rose Has It’s Torn

It was a windy Thursday night in the capital of an armyless Latin American country, and our unknown rock singer was on the prowl. We will call him ”AC”. At the time, he was hot on the local scene, but his reputation was larger than life because of his antics and legendary partying stamina instead of his musical catalog. He didn’t mind, as this was a way to make waves and turn heads wherever he went. The year was 2010, and fans across the country were excited to see this huge rock band playing live for the first time, even if it was with a secondary lineup. The main attraction was the singer, who, despite his poor physical health, still had a large fan base mainly due to the late 80s/early 90s melancholy.

It was close to 2 a.m., and AC was hitting one of the late-night drinking spots he knew was always packed with action to soothe his restless spirit. This kingly hotel has a casino inside and a very dodgy reputation. Drugs were sold 24/7 outside of the premises while “ladies of the night” lined up to get in and snatch a wealthy foreigner. When rumors came out that the singer of the once-called “the most dangerous band in the world” was there drinking and gambling, the feeding frenzy went on for hours. AC happened to be a hustler at the time, exploding his gambling advantage due to his experience working with bookies linked to the New York/New Jersey crime families. As soon as he entered the premises, he noticed an obnoxious crowd down the hall on his left.

As soon as he turned the corner, he realized what the commotion was all about. A party of ten or more, including the band, was supposed to play a big show the night after, but the loudest was sitting at a poker table and apparently losing BIG. Predictably, this out-of-shape lead singer, infamous for his tantrums and dramas due to his unmeasurable ego, was having too much to drink and most likely another kind of stimulant. We will call him Billy. He was well-guarded by several females who seemed quite bored. AC wasn’t impressed by his egomania and decided to put him to the test. It wasn’t a huge game, probably a $5,000 maximum buy-in, and for the best of 2 hours, AC and Billy feuded at the poker table.

In the end, AC had extracted over $15,000 from Billy, and he had gotten so mad he challenged the gambling wiz to a fistfight, but security quickly intervened. The out-of-shape rocker was next to a voluptuous blonde who seemed the most attractive on the premises. AC saw this as the perfect occasion to humble the has-been rocker, especially on his home turf. He began by ordering his usual trifecta of liquor: Jack Daniels double on the rocks, a shot of tequila, and a Belgian beer to wash it all down. AC started the chasing game, locking eyes with the blonde while mostly ignoring the famous singer, except for a few seconds, in which he looked down on him with a confident smirk. In minutes, the blonde went to the restroom while nodding towards AC.

He quickly followed, and the rest should remain untold. Almost thirty minutes passed, and our local rockstar and the stunning blonde returned to say goodbye to Billy. He was already irate, ready to attack anybody at the slightest provocation. Security came to calm the spirits as AC and the blonde walked away giggling while Billy threw bottles and turned some tables, angered by the humiliation of a nobody getting the best of him in front of his band for hire. What happened between the couple remains a mystery. Billy would end up canceling the show, claiming the stage had partially collapsed due to the weight of the massive screen used in their shows. Was that really the reason?

You can access the VIDEO version of this blind item.



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