Freemasonry takes from the Babylonian Kabbalah, an esoteric religion infused in black magic. Sadly, Freemasonry has a dominant presence in politics, religion, and even law enforcement. The elites use secret societies to filter their members and make sure those who take the oath fall in line. Occult rituals mark the pace since initiation, and they get worst from there. Freemasons swear an oath to protect their brothers, even if that means covering up for crimes.

Betraying that oath is punished with financial ruin and sometimes even with death. It’s not until the 32º degree that Freemasons learn the truth, the architect of the universe they worship was Lucifer all along. It’s at this point when they initiate their involvement in black magic, satanic ritual abuse, and other atrocities. Freemasonry is, without a doubt, the largest and most powerful secret society today. Freemasonry conceals its occult practices behind a facade of respectability and charity.


Produced by Alessandro du Châtel and Nick Alvear
Written, narrated, and edited by Alessandro du Châtel
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