Led Zeppelin has been called the grandfathers of the “Heavy Metal” genre, along with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. At their height in the early to mid-1970s, they frequently outsold the Rolling Stones in concert tickets. And by 1973, they had sold more albums than any other band worldwide. Their anthemic song, “Stairway to Heaven,” is the most-played song in the history of radio. The band’s history is explored through the history of Britton, Vikings, Druids, Babylon, and ancient Egypt, as well as the Influences of Alister Crowley and his “Golden Dawn” secret society.

A Faustian Bargain is a deal with the devil, a pact with Satan, an agreement that allows you to have anything you’ve ever wanted. And in exchange for extreme wealth or power, all you have to do is hand your soul over to the devil for eternity. One can argue that the tragedies that happened to the members of Led Zeppelin are not that rare. Whether you believe there is a curse against the band is up to you, one thing is for certain, the main instigator in the occult department was Jimmy Page and I bring you a NEVER SEEN BEFORE testimony of his participation in occult rituals.






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Produced by Alessandro du Châtel and Nick Alvear
Written, narrated, and edited by Alessandro du Châtel
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