The official version says that in the early morning hours of December 26, 1996, John and Patsy Ramsey awoke to find their six-year-old daughter JonBenét Ramsey missing from her bed at their home in Boulder, Colorado. They woke up early to prepare for a trip when Patsy discovered a ransom note on the stairs demanding $118,000 for their daughter’s safe return. Despite the note’s warning not to involve the police, Patsy immediately called them, friends and family were summoned to aid in the search.

Before JonBenét’s body was even found, there were many investigative mistakes made. Only JonBenét’s room was cornered off, so friends and family roamed the rest of the house, picking up things and potentially destroying evidence. The Boulder Police Department also shared evidence they found with the Ramseys and delayed conducting their informal interviews with the parents. There are two popular theories in the Ramsey case; the family theory and the intruder theory. The combination of both theories is the one we aim to explore here.


Produced by Alessandro du Châtel and Nick Alvear
Written, narrated, and edited by Alessandro du Châtel
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