Monica Kirsten Petersen (July 2, 1984 – November 13, 2016)

Monica Petersen was a notorious activist and humanitarian who focused on human trafficking. I could try to describe her but would fail miserably compared to the beautiful eulogy her family wrote her. Monica was born in Ames, Iowa, 1984 to Michael and Marcia Petersen. Monica earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison, Colorado, in 2008.

She received her master’s degree in International Development with a concentration in Human Trafficking from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, Colorado, in 2014. After graduation, Monica worked at the Human Trafficking Center as a Research Fellow and the Director Assistant. She also worked with the Social Wellness Advocacy Network, the Colorado Human Trafficking Council, and the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking. She gave a presentation at the University of Nebraska/Lincoln Human Trafficking Conference.

Following her success, Monica got appointed to the Data and Research Task Force of the Governor’s Colorado Human Trafficking Council. She was a scholar-activist committed to improving the plight of the oppressed with a clear and critical voice in the human trafficking field. She was courageous and gave selflessly of her time and energy. Monica was An underrated hero and an example for youngsters looking to make a difference.

After leaving her position at the Korbel School, she moved to Haiti in September 2016 to teach and set up an NGO. At the time of her death, she was teaching Social Sciences at the Union School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Always helping the most vulnerable while traveling in less than ideal conditions, this is the story of Monica Petersen…

A fearless researcher

Monica Petersen dedicated her life to volunteering and researching. Her travels included: Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Tibet, and a trip through seven European countries with her family. Monica Petersen worked as a nanny while in graduate school and was a mentor for a Congolese family for six years. She had an exceptional way with children and people overall.

Sadly, her drive exposing the corruption in Haiti put her in harm’s way. She was found dead by hanging, and her death ruled a suicide. As the Pizzagate frenzy roared online, researchers on Reddit and VOAT quickly linked her death to the Clintons. She was in Haiti after all, the base of operations for the financial and humanitarian crimes committed by the Clinton Global Initiative. Ever since I learned about Monica, I vouched to go the extra mile and leave no stones unturned.

Unfortunately, her friends and family got the news via phone or social media. The night of November 13th, 2016, will forever live in infamy, a brave soul silenced too soon. It is necessary to start with the most reliable facts, the family witness that bravely decided to come forward. Basing the story on four different perspectives: Jesse, Adam, Karen, and Tony; all of these people were close to Monica and asked for their privacy to be respected. Their names exchanged for aliases.

I can assure you these people are the real deal, vetted links with Monica and her work. With Jesse, it wasn’t necessary, of course, being a family member. I could’ve gone further, but the risk in Haiti is too much to ignore. Some folks offered to take me to “the man who knows everything.” – I declined.

A family member speaks:

  • Alessandro (AV): Hey man, I’m so sorry we lost contact, I got banned for 39 days. Damn censorship!
  • Jesse (JP): Hey man, yeah, I was a little sketched about the timing of all that. I watched your video a couple of times (podcast teaser about Monica). I think your details are correct.
  • AV: Thank you, man, that’s great to hear I was nervous about your opinion. How close were you?
  • JP: Growing up, our families were close, and I remember everything very well still. The most important thing I can say is she never gave any reason for anyone to think that she would commit suicide. She didn’t have that in her.
  • AV: Yes, I’ve heard that from everybody who spoke with me, pretty much a unanimous diagnostic.
  • JP: She was a level-headed, intelligent, rational person with no chemical imbalances. I don’t remember her being any other way. She was indeed very passionate about her field and very much optimistic about her future. I also really just cannot imagine her hanging herself, especially with her dog’s leash. She had too much love and respect for her family and loved ones. And I just know she would never leave her dog’s well-being up to chance like that. She loved her dog like a child. There’s just no way she would leave him there with no certainty for his fate, and actually likely a bad one with her gone. That really just strikes me way out of place.

Unknown key elements:

  • AV: Thank you for that invaluable information.
  • JP: A couple of things I didn’t see in your video. These are possibly things that are only really known in the family. I haven’t seen any mentions of these things anywhere though:

1) Monica’s sister received a text message from Monica time-stamped for the day after Monica’s death. On top of that, written with poor grammar which, just isn’t something Petersen’s do. It was supposed to be a sorry note, but there’s just no way the last message she sent to her sister would be in poor grammar. Also sent a day after Monica died.

2) To my knowledge, the family has still never received an official autopsy report. Haiti took several weeks to deliver the body, and it was so full of embalming fluid that no autopsy was possible once it got to America.

3) Monica’s sister has tried to get reporters to look into Monica’s death, but they all say the same thing, it’s too high risk a story. Aside from all that, on my last visit to her parents, her mother told me that several days before her death, Monica was practically begging her mother to fly her home right away. She said she had a horrible toothache and couldn’t stand the pain. Her mother told her to try to find someone in Haiti to look at it rather than coming way back to the states.

Not suicide, no chance

  • AV: Wow, Jesse, thank you, that confirms our fears. If reporters fear the story is because they know it was murder, and most-likely powerful people might be involved.
  • JP: After looking into her death, I think she knew something, and she knew somebody else was onto her. That is just speculation, but odd timing. Pretty much what I know, besides what you already put in your video. If it was murder, I think her parents need to know that, and can possibly find some measure of peace from that. I do not know how to go about that, but I very much appreciate your work.
  • AV: Thank you so much, my friend, you have been amazing. With your help, I think we are closer to uncovering more truth about her case. I appreciate your courage immensely. I know it is very hard.
  • JP: For sure, please do let me know if you find anything else about her.
  • I immediately send all my files on Monica to Jesse.

The interview will continue during Part II. Jesse needed a few days to clear his head to continue. I admire his courage and his human quality. He is a smart, sensitive guy trying to please family, all while bringing the truth out. This crime will not go unpunished.

Official confirmation

Honestly, I was surprised nobody was able to talk to the Petersen family. People doing lazy work and clearly biased in highlighting the Clinton connection above all, in my opinion. I’m not happy with that version alone, I need to bring closure to Monica’s story. I’m shocked we never heard about Mike Williams, the boyfriend, either. I always identified with her for reasons that are unknown to me but I feel her death is a total waste. Regardless, her work is valuable to the world and she was meant for bigger things that would benefit children.

I wanted to publish Jesse’s testimony first because is the most informed and credible. You can compare other testimonies with this one and discern disinformation. I think one of the witnesses is pushing a narrative and I’ll make sure to note why I think that in the next deliveries. I sent Jesse my personal analysis of who Monica was and what happened. Luckily, he was happy and agreed with every major item in my research.

Monica Petersen is a modern-day hero who many people will never come to know. Her light was shut down too soon and her story was buried by disgusting animals who only care about money. She wasn’t famous or flashy like others who also lost their lives exposing this filth. A brave, smart, witty, caring, and daring woman, her good nature would ultimately cost her. She was trusting and saw the good in people, which exposed her to seedy characters like Mike and friends.

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