Chicago: The Savagery Continues

The outrage increases as the racial divide continues to show its ugliest face day in and out. A surveillance video taken in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago shows two black males robbing and beating a 33-year-old white man in an alley in broad daylight on Monday afternoon. The video shows the suspects loitering on a street and walking down an alley. A lone white male passes the two while eating a slice of pizza and continues his way, unpreoccupied. Little did he know that he was about to be sucker punched from behind by one of the men, knocked into a fence, and stomped by both men while robbed. The victim tried to fight back but eventually was beaten into submission in front of a row of trashcans. The perpetrators stole his backpack and a cell phone.

WARNING: Graphic surveillance video

As of Monday evening, a Chicago police spokesperson said they didn’t have information about the crime because the police report was still pending. The robbery occurred around 2:55 p.m. in an alley behind the 2000 block of North Damen on September 25th. Robberies have skyrocketed in Bucktown this year: They’re up 53% compared to 2022 and 96% compared to 2019, according to the most recent data from the Chicago Police Department. But crime is not the only reason for these interactions, and an up spike in violence involving black citizens against white folks has been witnessed in America and Europe. I blame thug gangster hip-hop culture, woke racial entitlement, and social engineering.

A witness saw the crime go down as she was in her car, so she tried honking to deter the attackers to no avail. She remained on the scene with the victim until police came. The witness said he was a little bruised but doing fine. No arrests have been made yet. The attack just added to the outrage residents are feeling about the increase in crime and violence. As I said, the behavior is happening across the pond, this video coming from the sunny hills of Lisbon, Portugal started to circulate today. An overqualified electrician steals from and harasses a 73-year-old street vendor who’s simply trying to make a living. The thug films himself taking the fruits, refusing to pay, and demanding reparations. If you abuse the elderly or the little ones, you are my sworn enemy. No matter the color or religion.

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