Freemasons at LAPD helped Ashton dodge the law?

This A-List actor has been a serial cheater most of his dating life. He’s been married twice but of course, that has never been a deterrent. He was far from being an A-Lister then, more like a C-Lister but he was already part of “the club”. We are going way back with this one, this is a few weeks after the Ravens beat the Giants at the Superbowl.

The woman in question was an aspiring actress and this new boyfriend was supposed to help her with her career. Things had been running cold for the couple, a friend of the aspiring actress confessed the A-Lister made a pass on her and that wasn’t the first time. The guy had been caught lying and cheating a number of times in just a few weeks, the aspiring actress had enough.

She decided to teach this guy a lesson, they were going out that night to some music awards party. Sadly, she never made it. She slept with someone else that night to get back at the A-Lister. Her partner in crime would later confess on trial because his DNA was found in the crime scene. The problem is neither “the partner in crime” or the serial killer were guilty.

The A-Lister paid the aspiring actress a visit after she blew him off. She confessed she slept with “someone else”. He came in unannounced and next thing you know the aspiring actress is dead. She was found by her roommate the next morning lying in a puddle of her own blood. Lifeless near the stairs with multiple stab wounds, cold way to go.

The A-Lister testified on the trial even though he was never considered a suspect. When he came to pick her up he saw some stains on the carpet that looked like “red wine”. According to him, that wasn’t alarming because ”wild parties were common at the house”. He assumed she had left mad at him due to his lateness, so he decided to attend the event alone anyway.

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