This acclaimed actor who has starred in a few classics was 27 and having fun somewhere in Minnesota. He was writing a play at the time and apparently traveled with his photographer. His demeanor was rude and obnoxious. He figured since he was a B-lister it was OK for him to interject in stranger’s conversations and they would be amused. The patrons across his table didn’t feel that way though, not the kind to be impressed by “status”.

Someone asked for a picture but the actor demanded that “his guy” took it, and asked for $20 for the “privilege”. Jaws dropped across his table, he fancied baiting those who didn’t submit to his charm. “Who does that? I’m embarrassed for you!” – One of the patrons said and more banter ensued. The whole time this was happening patrons kept looking at the actor, then back to the girl sitting next to him. Almost invisible due to her shyness and insecurity, she couldn’t be older than 14 years old.

Innocent looking, and very insecure, she couldn’t follow the conversation. She just appeared star-struck, and no idea what she was getting herself into. She just sat there frozen and nervously laughed (as any kid does when they hang with the older “cool kids”). Any eye contact intimidated her so she spent the majority of the time looking at her feet. She didn’t say a word the entire time. A patron sarcastically asked him if that was his daughter, he said: “Yeah, that’s my daughter” also in a sarcastic fashion.

Things got heated: “Are you fucking kidding me? What is she? 14? If even that? You sad, pathetic man!”. As this was happening I kept looking at his friends like “Is this for real? Why are you not saying anything?”. When woody wasn’t looking they kept mouthing the words “thank you” while nodding their heads in agreement. A C-list actor, producer, and director was there and pulled the patron aside to say he was “100% supportive of her choice of words”. He was stuck with the douche because he was acting in the play the B-lister was producing. The C-lister acted in a trilogy comedy about a police precinct.

“At least, the girl didn’t seem like she was being held against her will. It was more so him taking advantage of a naive young minor who I personally don’t believe would have the courage to say ‘no’ when the situation arose. Which I’m convinced most likely did.” – Long story short, they made him feel 2″ tall and he packed up and left; his entourage embarrassed. The patrons admitted they were fans until they met the actor, who also is the son of a former C.I.A. assassin.

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